“Sonic innovators don’t come much bigger than Pink Floyd who not only re-imagined sound, but also changed how we take in live music. When the band performed the world’s first-ever surround sound concert at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall on May 12th, 1967, the group would change how we consume live audio forever.”

Roger Waters would later vividly recall the show: “The sounds travelled around the hall in a circle, giving the audience an eerie effect of being absolutely surrounded by the music.” 

The Wall and Beyond is a select group of Grammy touring musicians, along with a world class production team, that have come together celebrating Pink Floyd’s monumental concept of the world’s first surround sound concert! The Wall and Beyond will also take you on a journey through time — revisiting the creativity and vision of Pink Floyd and their music catalog — live, like never before with state-of-the-art Surround Sound, LED walls, lasers, and world class musicians.

The collaboration and chemistry of
will leave you breathless!

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